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March 24, 2020

COVID-19 Puts Rancho Mirage Short Term Rentals on Hold

Nearly a week into California's shelter-in place order to combat COVID-19, people are going stir crazy and want to venture out of the house.  I have one thing to say: DON'T

Here in the Coachella Valley, the City of Rancho Mirage is discouraging visitors to their fine city.

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and California's statewide shelter-in-place order, the City of Rancho Mirage has placed a moratorium on all short-term rentals.  This order is effective immediately and will continue until June 1, 2020.

According the City of Rancho Mirage's website,

  • All short-term rentals must listed as unavailable from March 23rd to June 1st 2020
  • Cancel all reservations from March 23rd to June 1st 2020
  • A hold on processing new short-term rental applications until moratorium is lifted

Anyone in violation of this short-term rental moratorium will be deemed as an "unregistered" property and could be subject to fines and penalties starting at $5000.

We are in a different time and place in the world we live in due to COVID-19.  Let's all do our part by social distancing, being kind to everyone, and staying home.

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Jan. 30, 2020

Welwood Memorial Cemetery- The Dead are Alive in Palm Springs

Is there a place in your town that you go by, day in & day out, and have never have stopped there to visit?  It could be a museum, a historical building, or even a restaurant that you have not visited.  Why haven't you stopped to take a look?  

Several years ago, I wrote an article called "What's in Your Backyard".    It was a story about how many places in Palm Springs I had not visited since moving here many years ago.  My goal for the upcoming year is to visit as many places in Palm Springs, and to write or video my experiences for my Palm Springs real estate blog.


 I had been living in the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood of Palm Springs for nearly 2 years.  Every day when I go to work, I drive by the Welwood Memorial Cemetery. The cemetery is named after Dr. Welwood Murray, the man who built the first hotel in Palm Springs, The Palm Springs Hotel, in 1886. The cemetery is about a 2 acre parcel of land, adjacent to the O'Donnell Golf Course, right below the Matzner hillside estate.   


As the first cemetery for non-Indian settlers in Palm Springs, this is the final resting place for many Palm Springs pioneers and visionaries. Deeded to the Palm Springs cemetery district by Welwood Murray's heirs, it is named in his honor. Erksine Murray, son of Elizabeth and George Murray, was the first buried here in 1894.

One day, I decided to take a look who resides here.  It's not that I have a morbid fascination for cemetaries, it is just that I didn't realize who was buried here and the stories these people could tell.  I go down the walkways, looking at the plaques in the ground.  It's a beautiful afternoon, the sun glistens in the clear blue skies above and a slight breeze rustles the palm trees.  I was having a peaceful moment of reflection, reminding myself to live each day to the fullest.  Here are the plaques that caught my attention:







Welwood Erskine Murray, died in 1894.  The first person buried in the Welwood Memorial Cemetery

Albert Frey, one of the most prolific modernist architects of the 20th century, died in 1998.  To learn more about his life, click here.

Charles Farrell, film actor of the '20's & '30's, died in 1990.  Mr Farrell also built the Palm Springs Racquet Club, along with fellow actor, Ralph Bellamy.  To learn more about his life, click here.







E. Stewart Williams, the architect who built the Frank Sinatra House in 1946, died in 2005.  Mr. Williams designed many of the buildings that still stand today in Palm Springs.  To learn more about his life, click here.







Nellie Coffman and her husband, Dr. Harry Coffman, opened the Desert Inn Sanitorium in 1909.  In 1914, Nellie converted the sanitorium in a hotel, much to the dismay of her husband.  They soon divorced after this.  Nellie Coffman died in 1950. To learn more about Nellie's life, click here.

Out of all the plaques and tombstones in the cemetary, these are the ones that touched me most.  These two people, one famous and one not, was someone's wife, daughter, sister, and someone's husband, brother, and son. They mattered .  I didn't know who they were, but for that brief moment I was there, they spoke to me:


I was sad when I came across this plaque.  It was a stone that said "Mexican Woman".  No name, no information.  Who was this woman?  When did she die?  How old was she?  Where did she come from?


I hope she didn't die alone.  I cannot fathom that no one knew this woman.  This cemetary was not a Potter's Field.  Everybody matters in this world, and people should not be forgotten.



Alvah Hicks, one the founders of Palm Springs, died in 1944.  What impressed me about his stone was the saying that was written on it:

"For the breath of life is in the sunlight, and the hand of life is in the wind".   How prophetic, way to go Alvah!!



The next time you are visiting Palm Springs, make a point to visit the Welwood Memorial Cemetery.  This small piece of Palm Springs history is worth seeing.  To get here, go west on Alejo Rd. from Dowtown, towards the mountain.  Or just Google it on your phone.  You can't miss it.


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Jan. 30, 2020

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